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03.28.2015 Poster : Daria
With the masters of this company know firsthand. Thank you very much guys . I refer to them often . And about the failure buggies Chicco that I was even in the service center refused to mend . The guys did a cane fine. Then turns on the question of damage to wheelchairs , walking, wheel velosipedika children . Pleases quality and timely execution of orders . Baby items are returned as new . And serve a long time. I recommend this workshop. Please!

01.11.2015 Poster : Tatiana
Thank you very much , very quickly responded to a call about a break . Quickly repaired mechanism of adjustment knobs and carriage brought back. Thank you, Maksym . Anyone recommend a good service !

10.28.2014 Poster : Emma
Thanks for the quick and quality repairs wheelchairs . Goes great as new. I am very pleased with the quality and speed of work and repairs. If you happen to have any problems , I am sure it will return to you.

06.16.2014 Poster: Rossa
Thank you so much for the repair of the hood to the seat unit ROAN TEO! All quickly and efficiently ! Henceforth, we will contact you ! Thanks again!

11.28.2013 Poster : Olga
I would like to express my gratitude for the speed , tact , willingness to help and a lot of patience !

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